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Free Amazon Prime for students Aug. 17th, 2010 @ 01:44 am
Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!

I want to visit but I need a place to stay. Aug. 12th, 2010 @ 06:31 pm
Hi, I'm Ramona. I'm attending my second (and hopefully FINAL) year at Pensacola State College all the way in freakin Florida for my A.A. in Art.
I'm interested in the character animation BFA program at Calarts, and I wanted to visit Valencia and see the school for myself, maybe even sit in on some classes, see the facilities and definitely meet some professors and speak to you lovely people in person on your feelings about the school.

I'm planning on making the big trip in either November or late October.
The only thing is, I don't know anybody over in Valencia (or near there, I guess), so I'd have no place to stay.
I would only need a place to stay for a little less than a week.
I'm looking for someone who's friendly (cause, Imma be real, I'm a lil shy), sane (no axe murderers, please), preferably female (or not interested in women, if ya know what i mean, jelly bean), and someone who knows their way around Valencia and Calarts, and would be willing to give me the grand tour and show me a good time(within legal limits, I'm under 21)!  If you're in the Character Animation program, that is a MAJOR plus.

I'm just trying to get outta Pensacola and away, so I can stop dreaming of seeing these places I hope to be someday. I wanna get my butt over there and see it for ma'self.
So if you're interested, or you know somebody, contact me, or tell whoever you think is interested to contact me!
Help me get the hell out of Pensacola! I promise, I'm not crazy..okay, I'm a lil crazy, but it's the good kind, I swear!
This is my school email, where you can reach me: rdp1086@students.pjc.edu
Even if you're not interested, tell your friends!
Current Location: Freakin Florida
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looking for advice from current students Apr. 11th, 2010 @ 10:13 pm
Hey guys, my name is Chelsea. :)

Last year I was turned down for the character animation program at CalArts. To be honest I didn't expect to get in on my first try, and now that it's been a whole year I realize how undeveloped my art was back then! However, I started going stir crazy and decided to go to my second choice school (in attempt to create a better portfolio for CalArts) and signed up to the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

I don't know what anyone has heard about the Academy, but personally I really dislike it. It's over-crowded, impersonal and even though some of the teachers and classes are great, the school on a whole doesn't seem to really help it's students but rather kick them in the ass. The kids who tough up quick get to advance to the next level and the others are just thrown to the sharks.

My first experience in art college has been really disappointing. As a result, I've started questioning whether or not I'm cut out for art school, or if it's just the Academy I can't deal with. But from my understanding of CalArts, the school is really determined to see all of their students succeed, and they seem so hands-on with their teaching. Class sizes are supposed to be pretty small and personal. And of course the school is so respected in the art and animation community.

I guess I'm just wondering... are the magical things every hopeful student hears about the school true? What have your experiences been like so far? Also... do you feel for the high price you pay to attend the school, you're getting your money's worth?

I've just been burned pretty badly by the Academy. I only decided to go because I was worried I wouldn't be good enough for CalArts as soon as I'd like to be if I wasn't in another school. I realize now how silly the whole ordeal was, but the Academy is really pricey itself and it's not worth the money (to me anyway). I would be pretty devastated if I finally got into CalArts and disliked it there too.

So I'd really love to hear stories from CalArts. How your experiences at the school have been! I'd appreciate anything you guys can tell me, really. I'm just having a hard time deciding where to go from here, because I'm not returning to the Academy after this semester.

Thank you!

Odd request. Dec. 15th, 2009 @ 07:05 am
Hi everyone. I have strange request, I think.

I graduated from CalArts four years ago and have recently been suckered into the wild world of Facebook - but no longer have a working school e-mail. The guys at the helpdesk were really cool about trying to give me a hand, but were at a loss for what to do.

If anyone here is not into the Facebook thing and is OK with letting me simply entering their e-mail for the sake of registration, I'd appreciate it. I'd also owe you a favor and I'm good for it.

Thanks a lot.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Company Auditions! Nov. 16th, 2009 @ 02:59 pm
Theatre Unleashed, north hollywood, non profit, theatre companyTheatre Unleashed, an edgy, ambitious, no-holds-barred theatre company in residence at The Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood is holding Company Auditions for our ever expanding community of fellow artists.

We are currently enhancing our company with an influx of performers, writers, directors, lighting designers, costume designers, choreographers, musical directors, pretty much anyone interested in the art of live theatre.

We're looking for professionals who have experience and want to become a part of an ever-growing nonprofit dedicated to telling amazing stories for the city of Los Angeles.

Our recently announced 2010 Main Stage Season will include an evening of satire by the great playwright Anton Chekhov, Shakespeare's Richard II and two original Theatre Unleashed plays -- The Rape by Phillip Kelly, about the search for law in a post society world, and Lang by Andrew Moore, a drama following German film director Fritz Lang and his dealings with Nazi Germany. With a slew of Fringe shows, including our sketch comedy troupe Die Gruppe, performance art events, environmental theatre, our late night series and many more in the works, Theatre Unleashed provides several opportunities to grow as an artist and allow your talent to flourish.

Like most companies in Los Angeles, we are a dues paying company, currently set at $40 a month. As a member of Theatre Unleashed, you have a stake in the direction the company takes, a voice in the collaborative efforts of our incredible group of people, and a chance to cultivate your talents and abilities as an artist.

Our next day for company auditions will be Sunday November 22nd from Noon-4:30pm. If you’re interested in taking part in the auditions and becoming a part of our company or have questions email: Erin Scott at erin.scott@theatreunleashed.com. For more information, go to www.theatreunleashed.com

What to Prepare: Two one minute monologues. A contemporary and a classical.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the auditions.
Other entries
» So hey!
Hey dudes, couple questions:
Q 1. To qualify for the Aesthetics and Politics program must a prior degree exist?
Q 2. Regarding applying to calarts for the film/video program, what got you guys in? I have work on the more dialogue heavy, and more visual heavy, what do you think should be the focus?

» MFA Experimental Animation Advice?

I have a BFA in animation from Pratt Institute in New York and have been working in animation here for the past 2 years. The industry is slow right now (of course) and I’d like to get a masters. I’m very interested in CalArt’s MFA program in experimental animation. I’d be really interested to hear what people in and around the program have to say about it. Also, of course, any advice on the application? I have a mix of student and personal work that I plan to show.  It’s slightly more personal work since I saw that they prefer not to see student work in the portfolios. Right now I’m trying to finish a little stop-motion music video project and reshoot an old student film to make it more cohesive and presentable. You can see my reel here:


Also, this may not be the right place to ask this, but can anyone recommend any other programs? I want to get a MFA in animation but most programs focus exclusively on CG and “digital arts.” I can’t find any MFA programs like CalArts’ experimental animation. At least not in the US. Is it truly one of a kind?




» Missing Person
Hello, I am sorry to take up time with this, but my friend Carrie Jones's parents called me yesterday because they have been trying to get ahold of her since June. I haven't seen or heard from her since the middle of May, and neither have any of her other friends that I have been able to get ahold of. She has not answered any phone calls or e-mails.

I was wondering if anyone here had seen or heard from her more recently. Her mom thinks she may have dropped out of school or decided to take a year off, but isn't sure. (She was at CalArts getting an MFA in sound design.) She may also have moved, but if so, has not told anyone where she has moved to. Any information that anyone here has would be incredibly helpful.

If anyone has any information about her whereabouts, current status, or even just information about the last time you saw or spoke to her, please, PLEASE let me know. Reply here or e-mail me at crazyosaka at yahoo dot com.

Thank you so much.
» Theatre Unleashed offers TWO modern classics in rep!

The ambitious company takes another bold step in just its second year, with Sarah Kane’s “4.48 Psychosis” and David Ives’ “All in the Timing” running side by side.

LOS ANGELES – Theatre Unleashed is excited to present Contemporary Constructions, its third and fourth Main Stage shows of the season, running in rep from Aug. 7-30 at The Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood. A celebration of two very distinct modern day playwright geniuses, Contemporary Constructions will feature Sarah Kane’s final poetic plunge into the depths of depression, 4.48 Psychosis, as well as David Ives’ comedy of the absurd, All in the Timing.

4.48 Psychosis, by Sarah Kane“Doing shows in rep has been a goal of ours because it gives us a chance to stretch and expand upon the ‘rules’ of theatre,” said Artistic Director Phillip Kelly. “With these two polar opposite shows, we’ve allowed ourselves to give our own inspired touch to recognizable pieces whose only similarity is that they were written by playwrights with a true gift for words…words that speak volumes.”

Kelly will direct 4.48 Psychosis, a show that confronts clinical depression straight on by allowing the audience to see inside the mind of a depressive in the hours before her suicide. This brutally honest show also explores the many factors that lead to that decision. As she approaches 4:48 a.m., the time of night in which depressives supposedly see the clearest, her imagination begins to meld with her reality, driving her closer and closer to the edge. To enhance the breaking of the main character’s psyche, the show will also feature the use of dance, live cello music, strategically placed mirrors and multimedia projection.

“I wanted to take a cue from Kane’s notion that beautiful art can be derived from even the darkest of subject matters,” Kelly said. “The idea is to use these different tools and art forms to help create the haunting and emotionally jarring effect of the slowly crumbling minds of the two female protagonists as they inch closer to the meaning of their mortality.”

All in the Timing, by David IvesThe second part of Contemporary Constructions will be the Ives’ classic comedic collection of one-acts, All in the Timing, directed by Carlos Martinez. Bizarre humor at its best, Martinez is sticking to the original lineup that made up the earliest rendition of the show, including: Sure Thing, The Universal Language, Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread, The Philadelphia, Variations on the Death of Trotsky and Words, Words, Words. Though each vignette is capable of standing on its own, Martinez is looking to take the show a step further, melding the pieces together with the use of creative lighting, sound and movement.

“The idea is to take the audience through an abstract journey into the craziness and outlandish relationships that make up the show,” Martinez said. “It’s such a funny show that get s funnier with each reading and each viewing and of course, that honest comedy is what we’re focusing on. But we also hope to grab people by more than just their funny bone.”

Theatre Unleashed is also excited to announce Tales of an Unsettled City: Revelations, the third installment in its late night theatre series, running Saturdays at 10:15 p.m. after presentations of Contemporary Constructions. Theatre Unleashed is coming off a string of sellout shows for the original full-length Tracing Sonny and the recent installment of the Galleries Series, Metamorphose.

» Writers! Give us your Revelations!
Tales of an Unsettled City: RevelationsWriters! Theatre Unleashed is continuing it's late night series of original short works with it's third installment of Tales of an Unsettled City: Revelations. Following Beginnings, and Encounters, Revelations should inspire from you that moment in which you realize who or what you're really dealing with, after all the layers are peeled away. Is a long lost friend really taking advantage of you, or is the party you're supposed to go to really the preamble for a ritualistic hazing. We welcome stories from all walks of city life and inspired by almost anything. From the poetic (we accept poetry), to the abstract to the absurd or the musical, the monologue or the wonderful scenes, don't feel afraid to explore and enhance your story by trying something new and bold as we take time to reveal to the audiences one of the most crucial, and emotionally charged steps in city life. Submission can be anywhere from 1 page to 10. Just make them count! Deadline is July 9th. Revelations will premiere after Theatre Unleashed's August's Main Stage shows All in the Timing and 4.48 Psychosis every Saturday evening at 10:30pm. Send Submissions to Matt Ryan (razorbackred23@msn.com) and Carlos Martinez (carlos.martinez@theatreunleashed.com).
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